4G mobile to disrupt TV signal for 2 million

Communal aerials and signal boosters to be potentially affected

May 18, 2012
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4G is proving to be something of a controversial service when it comes to the UK.

Firstly, there’s been much bickering over the auction process, and ensuing delays. Then Everything Everywhere complicated matters by pushing for an earlier 4G roll-out than the other networks, later this year, with its existing 1800MHz spectrum.

Rival operators haven’t been happy ever since, and Ofcom is still weighing the decision on whether to give EE the green light for its plans.

Now it seems that the next-gen mobile broadband roll out will disrupt the TV reception for nearly 2 million UK citizens.

The Daily Mail reports that according to Culture Minister Ed Vaizey, some 945,000 households who use signal amplifiers might be affected, and a further 950,000 who use communal aerials may also find their reception scotched.

These aren’t hard numbers, of course, but the fact is that a lot of folks could find themselves without Freeview, and having to go out and get a satellite dish and subscription to watch television. Either that, or head to online streaming offerings…

The government said that the problem areas could be tackled, though, by the usage of reception filters, or by re-adjusting the position of the aerials in question.

Consumer group Voice of the Listener and Viewer said that the situation is alarming, and noted: “The Government is proposing various forms of assistance for homes but this will only be for a limited period of time.”

“Householders may find – too late – that they are no longer able to switch from subscription to free-to-air television.”


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