LG unveils 5 inch HD smartphone display

A full 1920 x 1080 resolution five inch screen
Darren Allan

May 28, 2012
LG logo

LG has revealed a new 5 inch display, which it claims is the world’s first full HD smartphone screen.

The LCD panels boasts a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080, which outstrips the retina resolution of the current iPhone considerably, in fact offering a pixel density of no less than 440 ppi (the iPhone 4S is 326 ppi).

The LCD panel is an AH-IPS affair, Advanced High Performance In-Plane Switching, with wide viewing angles and accurate colour reproduction, LG claims. It’s a 16:9 ratio screen, the best format for movie watching, and it’s also bright enough to be used outdoors while maintaining screen visibility.

Sang-Deok Yeo, CTO and Executive Vice President of LG Display, commented: “As smartphones become increasingly valued for how well they do multimedia and with the rapid growth of LTE enabling faster large file transfers, our new 5″ Full HD LCD panel is certain to prove a significant asset to the mobile market.”

“With the world’s highest resolution smartphone display, LG Display continues to remain a step ahead in developing the most innovative in display technology products.”

LG further notes that the display has a “rapid response speed” when touched, and provides a stable picture.

When can we expect to see this 5 inch panel? LG says it’s expecting to push it out in the second half of the year, although of course it will be some time before smartphones which use the panel pitch up.

Exactly how much resolution you need on a 5 inch smartphone screen, however – and whether you’ll really be able to tell the difference between 330ppi and 440ppi – is debatable. We shall see when the display emerges.


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