Everything Everywhere plans customer service revamp

Some £50 million to be invested in improving service

May 31, 2012
Everything Everywhere

Everything Everywhere (EE) has just announced a major £50 million investment and overhaul of its customer service system.

The firm, which comprises of Orange and T-Mobile, already gives customers the benefit of being able to hop between both mobile networks depending on which signal is strongest in any given area.

Now it plans a revamp of its service approach, focusing on specific handsets and operating systems. Specialist agents are to be brought on board, experts in certain devices, so customers get the best level of support for their iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone handset.

EE notes that having such experts on hand will mean customers will have immediate access to advice on all aspects of service, and that there’ll be no (or at least a lot less) transferring of folk between departments.

The £50 million investment will be felt across contact centres and EE stores, all customer-facing staff in fact, and is now rolling out across the firm following what it describes as successful trials.

Furthermore, EE has launched a “development academy” to train up staff with service skills, with some 7,000 staff receiving training initially, expanding to up to 12,000 come the end of the year.

Modernisation of retail outlets is also planned using the cash.

Jackie O’Leary, Chief Customer Officer at Everything Everywhere, said: “It is our goal to create the best customer experience in the UK so that customers can trust us with their digital lives. This new service approach responds directly to how our customers are now using their devices, the service they expect and how our people look after them.”

“Being the first in the industry to champion something new is exciting and we are extremely pleased by the amazing feedback we are receiving from our customers, our people and the handset manufacturers and operating systems we represent.”


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