Google launches Chromebox computer

A mini PC to sit alongside the Chromebook
Darren Allan

May 31, 2012

Google has pushed out a new Chromebox device, a mini-PC with an HDMI port which can be hooked up to your TV, along with DVI and VGA connections for your monitor.

The miniature box of tricks runs the Chrome operating system, as with the Chromebook laptops. It’s designed as a compact media PC (although not a replacement for Google TV), or a cheap desktop PC for the home or office.

It comes with an Intel Core processor, 4 GB of memory, bluetooth, Wi-Fi, an ethernet port, and six USB 2.0 ports for hooking your various devices up to.

The Chromebox is made by Samsung (who also produce the Nexus phones for Google), and can be hooked up to two monitors, and has two Display Ports on board along with the other connections.

It also comes with an optional keyboard and mouse pack for that true computing experience. Google boasts that the box boots up in “seconds”, and it’s also Kensington key lock compatible.

And the all-important price? A Chromebox will set up back £279, so like the Chromebook laptops, it won’t break the bank.

Google is also pushing out new Chromebooks, and claims that these, and the Chromebox, are almost three times as fast as the original Chromebooks.

The impact the Chromebooks have made thus far hasn’t been massive, but doubtless Google is hoping these now models, and the mini PC, will help spur consumers on.


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