93% of businesses want 4G

Everything Everywhere adds more fuel to its early 4G fire
Darren Allan

June 1, 2012
Everything Everywhere

The vast majority of businesses in the UK fear the delayed roll out of 4G is going to affect the country’s economy negatively.

A survey carried out by Coleman Parkes, and commissioned by Everything Everywhere, found that 93 per cent of businesses want 4G (LTE) rolled out as soon as possible. Of course, this suits Everything Everywhere’s campaign to begin its 4G roll out at the close of this year.

Unlike other networks, it has existing 1800MHz spectrum it can employ for super-fast mobile broadband, so could get a head start on its 4G roll out, if Ofcom allows it. Other networks argue this would be anti-competitive, and would give Orange and T-Mobile an unfair advantage in the market, ahead of next year’s spectrum auction.

The survey also indicated that 94 per cent of “senior decision makers” said the UK needs 4G to remain competitive, and 86 per cent felt that 4G will increase their business productivity.

Over half of those surveyed, 52 per cent, said that greater flexibility when it came to work would be one of the primary benefits of 4G.

Martin Stiven, Vice President of B2B, Everything Everywhere commented: “In today’s global economy, UK businesses need 4G networks to help them be more productive and compete on the international stage. Half of the countries on the G20 list of the world’s biggest economies already have 4G, leaving British businesses at risk of falling behind rivals.”

Everything Everywhere has already spearheaded a campaign to get 4G introduced to the UK before the year is out. It’s looking increasingly unlikely that the network will be able to muscle its move through, mind, given strong resistance from rivals.

Most likely we will be waiting until later in 2013 before 4G starts to go live in the UK. Even if Everything Everywhere does get the nod, it’ll be an LTE service rolled out on a pretty limited basis, we’d imagine.


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