Nintendo Wii U details revealed

A pre-E3 briefing spills some more details

June 4, 2012
Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has revealed some details about the upcoming Wii U console, ahead of its official unveiling at the E3 games show, which kicks off tomorrow.

Iwata showed off the touchscreen tablet controller, which now boasts two analogue stick controllers, as opposed to the original circle pads. It also has NFC built in, meaning it can scan the likes of cards and figures with built-in chips, allowing interaction with games on a physical level.

The Wii U is aimed at more hardcore gamers than the original console’s casual target audience, and with that in mind, a traditional console controller is also being offered up. It looks pretty similar to the Xbox controller, but the analogue sticks are level with each other.

The Wii U should be able to handle pretty meaty visuals, with apparently twice the grunt of the Xbox 360 under the bonnet.

Of course, next year when the Xbox 720 comes out, it’ll leave Nintendo behind once again in terms of graphical horsepower.

The other big play Nintendo is making with the Wii U is the Miiverse, a social online gaming system to rival PSN and Xbox Live, or at least that’s the theory. The system will boast elements such as video chat.

We’ll find out more about the console shortly at E3, as no hint was dropped as to exact specs, or the price, or all important release date. The Wii U will be on the shelves before Christmas, though, that’s for sure. Nintendo missed Xmas with the 3DS, and doubtless won’t make that mistake again.


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