Sony Xperia Miro unveiled

Android Ice Cream Sandwich handset with a social focus

June 13, 2012

Sony has unveiled its latest handset, the Xperia Miro, to all and sundry on Facebook.

And as you might expect from a phone which was revealed on the social network, it has a heavy Facebook bias, with full integration.

The phone’s spec wasn’t given out in much detail, but according to GSM Arena, it will have a 3.5 inch display, a 5 megapixel camera (with 30 frames per second recording), plus DLNA support. The operating system will be the Ice Cream Sandwich flavour of Android.

It also has a front camera for video chatting, and a focus on music as well, with an XLoud audio system on board, and apparently a quality speaker.

The Miro will also boast a series of customised illuminations to alert you of messages and suchlike, perfect for those who still miss the era of disco.

It’ll be available in four different coloured trims, silver, gold, pink and black.

The handset is expected to hit a middling price range, perhaps even a touch lower than average, although exact details are yet to be revealed.

Having divorced itself from Ericsson, Sony is hoping to be able to fire its smartphones back up on its own. Whether that’s going to happen, or not, we shall have to see, but to say the firm faces very tough competition from Samsung, and the likes of HTC, is an understatement.

The Miro doesn’t exactly jump off the page as a killer phone, but we’ll wait for the full spec – and also perhaps a surprise on the pricing front – before we make any final judgement.


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