Three offers £5 per day EU Internet

Network fights bill shock with simple £5 one day Internet pass
Darren Allan

June 13, 2012
Three Logo

Major incidents of bill shock – an unexpectedly high or even extortionate seeming mobile bill – are generally due to one primary factor, namely, using the internet abroad.

So it’s definitely a thumbs up from travellers for the network Three, which has decided to offer a simple and economical plan for data usage when folks are away on holiday – at least in the EU, anyway.

The offer is a £5 pass which lasts a day (until midnight of the day of purchase), and lets the user rack up unlimited data usage. However, Three notes that the connection is designed for browsing, checking emails and similar, so streaming video, for example, will likely be sluggish and jerky.

It’s a smart move by Three, which is trying to lure customers away from some of the bigger operators. We may well see rivals make similar plans available in the future, and again, the competition won’t hurt the consumer.

Thomas Malleschitz, marketing director at Three, commented: “We love the mobile internet at Three and we want our customers to enjoy it on holiday as much as they do at home. The Euro Internet Pass gives our customers the freedom to use the internet in the EU without having to think about how many megabytes or gigabytes they are using or where the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot is.”

“We’ve been campaigning for lower data roaming rates and welcome the new regulation from Europe. These changes promote competition and allow us to offer our customers a better deal so they no longer have to worry about running up a massive bill when using the internet.”


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