Nintendo Wii U priced by Amazon?

At £200, but was swiftly pulled...

June 14, 2012
Nintendo Wii U

Amazon has been up to some early pricing hijinks when it comes to Nintendo’s next great console hope, the Wii U.

Apparently, yesterday evening a number of websites picked up on the fact that Amazon had actually priced and dated the Wii U.

However, the date given is certainly an unlikely one, to say the least. The online retail giant’s Wii U product page indicated that the console is due to be released in mid July.

Clearly, though, if that was the case, we’d have seen a bigger push at E3. Previously, it was thought that console will be out just in time for Christmas, and this is still very likely to be the case.

Unless Nintendo is planning on springing a massive surprise…

The other major point was the price, which weighed in at £200 according to Amazon. That’s cheaper than many expected the tablet-toting console to retail for, and caused quite a bit of excitement as a result.

However, not long after the price had been put up there, it was pulled, along with the release date.

So we’d pretty much take both with a massive pinch of salt. However, the price is a promising hint that maybe Nintendo is looking to keep the cost of its new console down.

Perhaps it has learnt from the £230 retailing 3DS, which failed to even remotely catch on at that money, despite its shiny glasses-free 3D tech.

Then again, the company isn’t exactly rolling in money, so you have to wonder exactly how much they can subsidise this new gaming venture. It all depends on the component cost of the Wii U, naturally enough.

We’ll find out eventually, but our guess is that it won’t be for a while yet…


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