Xbox Live app updated for iOS

Also arrives on Android

June 14, 2012
iPhone 4S

Microsoft has announced that its My Xbox Live app for the iPhone has been tinkered with and improved, and there’s now a version available for Android smartphones, too.

The updated iPhone app lets you find out more about entertainment services on the Xbox, and moreover, turns your handset into a remote control. You can fast forward, rewind, play or pause video via your iPhone, which is a neat addition.

The app also now carries a quick list of the most recent activity on your console, so you can jump back into a film, or watch something again, with ease.

Not only has the iPhone app got some love, but the iPad version will too, and it’s soon to benefit from improved account authentication, along with support for the new high resolution retina display. We’d expect that will be coming to more and more apps in the near future.

The good news for Android phones (running Froyo or better) is that the My Xbox Live app is now available on Google’s platform. The initial incarnation of the app allows you to invite friends, send messages to them, edit your Live profile, and compare achievements.

It’s also possible to view and customise your 3D avatar, and access recent console activity, along with managing beacons. So it’s still fairly basic, but a good starting point.

Major Nelson revealed these developments on his blog, but noted that they had nothing to do with SmartGlass, which was unveiled last week at E3. SmartGlass will be coming to both Android and iOS, eventually…


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