Galaxy Note 2 in pipeline

The sequel will be flexible and have a larger display
Darren Allan

June 20, 2012
Galaxy Note White

The Samsung Galaxy Note will have a sequel this year, or so rumour has it.

The Galaxy Note 2, as the device will be called (surprisingly), will come replete with several innovations, at least according to the good people at MK Business News, a Korean news site (via the Verge).

Apparently the Note 2 will have an even larger display, pushing it more towards the mini-tablet level, as the Galaxy Note is already pretty darn capacious at 5.3 inches. It will also benefit from a longer battery life, and a more robust construction.

Indeed, the Note sequel will be equipped with an “unbreakable plane display”, which is the precursor to the flexible display, and will allow for some bend and give – plus it’ll mean the unit can be thinner and more svelte still.

It sounds like a very tasty piece of technology, and one which might give potential Galaxy S III converts pause for thought as they consider which handset to get next. If this speculation is correct, that is.

Samsung is going to be pushing this device to market come October, with the aim of hitting the iPhone 5 and its sales, as Apple’s smartphone is expected to be launched then.

The Note 2 will also be “noteworthy” as it should carry the initial version of the next incarnation of Android, Jelly Bean.

We’re certainly looking forward to seeing whether there’s genuine substance to this particular rumour. Although making the Note even larger may mean that it’s a little unwieldy for making actual phone calls.

But, then again, who makes phone calls on their phone these days, eh?


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