iPhone 5 will have 19-pin dock connector

Accessory makers will have to rejig their stuff
Adam Smith

June 21, 2012

There’s been some more spinning of the rumour mill on the iPhone front today.

And the latest is that the iPhone 5, or whatever the next iPhone will be called, will have a 19-pin dock connector on it, replacing the current 30-pin model.

This is according to TechCrunch, which claims to have verified the new scheme of things with no less than three independent manufacturers.

Apparently the new 19-pin affair is something like the size of a Thunderbolt port, and it will obviously mean big changes for iPhone accessory manufacturers, who will have to redesign product lines to fit with the fresh innovation.

The benefit for Apple? The smaller port means more internal space to cram other goodies inside the iPhone, while still keeping it suitably svelte enough.

Some internet denizens are already loudly voicing their disapproval of the move, though, and lamenting the fact that Apple hasn’t just decided to switch to a standard micro-USB port, as everyone else uses.

Of course, as others retort, Apple’s connector does more than just charging and data transfer, and micro-USB has more limited functionality – and indeed reliability, others argue. We’ve never had a micro-USB port go wrong, mind you.

At any rate, there’s going to be quite a lot of work on the cards for said iPhone accessory makers, should TechCrunch be correct. And it’s certainly seeming increasingly likely that this is the solution Apple has plumped for. Get ready for a 19-pin future come this autumn…

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