Sony and Panasonic will team on OLED

Rumoured partnership will happen
Darren Allan

June 25, 2012

It seems the rumours were true – as we reported last month, Sony and Panasonic are going to put their respective research and manufacturing heads together when it comes to OLED.

This will help the pair of companies stay competitive with LG and Samsung, who both already have large screen 55 inch OLED sets ready to go this year.

Indeed, the LG 55EM9600 has been priced, and should be out in time for Christmas, although it will put a heavy dent in any would-be owner’s wallet, to the tune of £6,500.

While that sounds like a stupid amount for a television, given the previous price of OLED sets – Sony’s initial offering cost a couple of grand at just 11 inches in size, a tablet really – it’s actually quite competitive, relatively speaking.

Prices should come down quite quickly once mass production begins, and that’s certainly what Sony and Panasonic are hoping – by pooling research and resources, they’ll be able to bring a competitive model to market before too long.

2013 is the target date for establishing mass production technology between the two.

In a press statement, the two companies said: “In parallel with the joint development of the next-generation technologies of the OLED panels and modules, Sony and Panasonic plan to continue to study collaboration in the mass production of OLED panels and modules.”

“Also, each company plans to utilize its own strengths to develop and commercialize its own competitive, high-performance, next-generation OLED televisions and large-sized displays.”


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