Sony brings Google TV to UK

New set top box, with a Blu-ray version to follow later this year

June 25, 2012
Sony NSZ-GS7

Google TV was pushed out way back in October 2010 over in the States.

And although the service ran into problems pretty much the instant it hit the market – with networks and providers blocking content, and criticism of elements such as the interface – a revamped platform was shown off at the start of this year.

And now Google TV is finally coming to the UK, after quite some time, not on board a television though, rather as a set-top box produced by Sony.

The Sony NSZ-GS7 is dubbed an internet player with Google TV, and it was shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show, back at the start of the year. It’ll be available to buy as soon as July 16th, with pre-orders actually having gone live today.

Sony notes that it will be the first firm to bring a Google TV product to a country outside of the US, and after the UK, it plans to introduce GTV to Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Netherlands, Brazil and Mexico.

A version with a built-in Blu-ray player, the NSZ-GP9, will be made available in October over in the States, and not long after in this country.

The Android powered set top box will offer Chrome for browsing duties, YouTube, and other apps drawn from Google Play, along with a double-sided remote. The latter will boast a touchpad on one side, and a full Qwerty keyboard on the other, to ensure browsing, Facebooking and so forth is as intuitive as possible.

Gildas Pelliet, European Head of Marketing, commented: “Expanding the reach and interoperability of the powerful Android platform with Sony’s smartphones, tablets and renowned Audio & Video products, we are proud to continue our relationship with Google through the introduction of the new Google TV Internet Player.”

“Entertainment content is available through so many channels and sites, and Google TV helps consumers easily find what they want to watch, listen or play with the freedom of the internet and using the familiar Chrome browser.”

And the price for this box of goodies? The NSZ-GS7 will apparently come with an RRP of £199, although retailers will doubtless charge less than this for it. Exactly how much less, we shall have to see.

Whether GTV will be popular as a set top box is another question mark. Folks may well look for it to be integrated with their television, or simply to buy a smart TV of some variety, rather than paying for – and having the clutter – of an extra box in the living room.


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  1. Sophie Jenson says:

    The thing that I am most impressed with so far is the remote if I’m honest! With all the talk being about how well the software works etc, a lot of people forget that how you interact with something can make a huge difference.

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