Google about to launch Nexus tablet

The long rumoured 7 inch tablet to be revealed at I/O?

June 27, 2012
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Google’s I/O conference is about to begin (later today, our time), and the rumours are already swirling wildly that this will be where an own brand tablet will be launched.

In fact, the 7 inch Nexus tablet has been specced up by Gizmodo, the Australian arm of which claims to have gotten hold of a “training document” which details the hardware the slate will pack.

That will be a 1.3GHz quad-core Tegra processor, a GeForce graphics processor boasting 12 cores, along with 1GB of video memory, and two options on storage – 8GB and 16GB.

A front-facing camera will also be on board, and the 7 inch screen will boast a resolution of 1280×800. As you can see, these are detailed specs, and there’s no guesswork here – so this may possibly be the final configuration.

The device, apparently to be known as the Nexus 7, has been produced by Asus (much as Samsung has produced the Nexus phones). With Google having snapped up Motorola, though, future phones and tablets could well be produced by the firm itself, now it has the relevant hardware backing.

Of course, the one other major detail concerning the Nexus 7 is the price of the tablet, which is going to be pitched low at the $200 mark (for the 8GB model). In other words, this isn’t going up against the iPad so much as the Kindle Fire and budget end of the slate market.

Amazon has had some considerable success with the Fire over in the US, but that run could be coming to an end with Google’s move. Or at least, sales will certainly be diluted to an extent.

One final titbit: The tablet will apparently also showcase the next incarnation of Android, Jelly Bean. So this is shaping up to be a pretty big I/O show.

Rumour has it – and remember, this is all still very much rumour at this stage – that the tablet will be launched as soon as next month.


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