Nokia PureView 808 out June 30th

That's this weekend, so not long to go, now
Darren Allan

June 27, 2012
Nokia PureView 808

The PureView 808 is due to be released very shortly, in fact, on June 30th according to Nokia.

That, as you’ve probably realised, is actually this weekend, so if you’ve been waiting for the major camera toting phone to hit the UK, you’ve literally just got a couple of days left to hang on, now.

The PureView 808 offers a 41 megapixel camera that features pixel oversampling, and lets you zoom in and crop down an image without losing detail. The camera also offers improved low light performance, and is generally said to be the equivalent of a decent point and shoot digital camera. It’ll do 1080p video recording, too.

The downside is that the PureView 808 is built on Symbian, which means that it’s popularity has already taken a nosedive with networks.

We now have a price, too, at least according to Amazon which will be flogging the sim-free version of the handset at bang on £500. So it’s not particularly cheap for a Symbian phone, but then, that camera technology is impressive.

What we really want to see is the PureView camera on board a Lumia handset. Unfortunately, that won’t happen until next year at the very earliest, and there may be some work still required to slim the camera down to a suitable level for a WP8 handset.

Windows Phone needs all the help it can get in the fight against Android and iOS, though, so it’s in both the interests of Microsoft and Nokia to get the PureView technology adapted.

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Comments in chronological order (2 comments)

  1. Arul S Michael says:

    Will this be available in India.


  2. Darren Allan says:

    Hi Arul, yes, in fact I believe it’s already out in India.

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