Google skydives with Project Glass

Shows off its AR goggles at the I/O event
Darren Allan

June 28, 2012
Project Glass

Google revealed its new 7 inch Nexus tablet at the I/O show, but the company also had Project Glass on hand for a rather unusual demo.

Project Glass, as you’ll probably be aware, is the augmented reality spectacles Google is busy working on, interactive eyewear which can be used to, say, snap a photo of what you’re looking at instantly.

Or indeed film the scene as you throw yourself from a helicopter many thousands of feet in the sky, and parachute down.

If you want to take a gander at a practice jump filmed with Project Glass, then have a look on YouTube here.

In a Google+ post, Sergey Brin noted: “The aerial footage was captured on Glass. The higher fidelity footage was recorded locally on the device whereas the hangouts were live streamed at a much lower resolution because of the challenges of networking a skydiver inflight.”

“Because we were unable to get regular wifi (which is built into Glass) to work under those conditions, we had to use extra networking gear which was tethered via usb to the device (and also provided extra battery for long days of testing).”

As well as skydiving exploits, Google also arranged for some stunt cyclists to do a bit of Glass filmed ramp jumping, too.

A price was also mentioned, according to the BBC – the “Explorer” edition of Project Glass will set you back no less than $1500. It’ll ship early in 2013, though it’s only being made available to developers initially.


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