FIFA 13 pre-order incentives

EA details the boons for the Ultimate and standard editions
Darren Allan

June 29, 2012

FIFA has grown into an absolute giant of a football franchise. Gone are the days when fans used to rage over Pro Evolution versus FIFA, because certainly in terms of sales, there’s no question which is the top franchise.

FIFA 12 was launched last autumn, but is still riding high in the charts, at number two this week, second only to Lego Batman 2.

So we can expect FIFA 13 to do as well if not better. And EA is already putting together pre-order packages to try and tempt folks into buying early.

The FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition will offer fans 24 FIFA Ultimate Team gold packs to enjoy, in what EA is calling its “most extensive” global pre-order incentive ever in the history of FIFA games.

Those who buy the Ultimate Edition will receive the 24 packs, worth an equivalent of £15, at the rate of one per week, to help build up their online team of superstar footballers. Each gold pack consists of a dozen items, not just players, but also stadiums, balls, kits, badges and managers.

The Ultimate Edition will apparently only be available on the launch day, September 28th (and for pre-ordering beforehand, of course).

In terms of the pre-order incentive for the standard version of FIFA 13, if you get your game from Amazon, you can look forward to a free 10,000 EA Sports Football Club Credits which can be spent on items such as special custom celebrations or virtual pro attribute increases.

Pre-order FIFA 13 from Game, and you’ll get an exclusive Adidas all-star team composed of 23 top players such as Messi, Nani and so forth. This squad will also benefit from a special Adidas kit.

EA claims that it has made major advancements in terms of the footballing gameplay with FIFA 13. Dribbling has been fleshed out more, the player AI honed, and there’s been a lot of work undertaken on the online side of play.

The Xbox version will also have Kinect support, so apparently you’ll be able to shout at the ref’s poor decisions, and he’ll be able to yellow card you for dissent. You’ll also be able to call out substitutions and tactical changes.

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