Amazon smartphone rumours continue

First the Kindle Fire, next an Android handset?
Darren Allan

July 9, 2012
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There has been more activity on the rumour front concerning Amazon’s supposed smartphone.

Amazon has, of course, already launched its own tablet in the form of the Kindle Fire. Although that device hasn’t emerged over here yet, it has seen considerable success in the States.

A smartphone device, however, would be a much harder push for the retailing giant, given that the budget handset sector isn’t nearly as open a field as the slate market was when the Fire was first released.

But still, it seems Amazon is willing to have a crack. Speculation regarding this first emerged last November, when Citigroup indicated that Amazon was thinking along the lines of a $200 smartphone with a Texas Instruments processor.

Now Bloomberg is reporting that two people with “knowledge of the matter” have come forward to say that Amazon is currently working with Foxconn on the device.

Amazon is also apparently seeking to acquire patents relating to the field of wireless technology, so it can defend itself from any potential legal onslaught from Apple or other tech firms.

Bloomberg nudged Amazon for comment on the rumours, but naturally, the online retailer turned tablet mogul was saying nothing.

Previous speculation was that Amazon will make a loss on the smartphone to gain market share, as with the Kindle Fire. But as to how deep Amazon’s coffers are when it comes to subsidising hardware, we shall have to see.

If this smartphone turns out to be anything of substance, that is. But the resurfacing of the rumours seems to show that there may be more to this one than just mere smoke.


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