iPad Mini thinner than iPad

At just 7.2mm, rumour has it
Darren Allan

July 9, 2012
iPad 3

There’s been a flurry of speculation about the iPad Mini of late, with new rumours popping up at the close of last week, and now today.

You may have seen our article on Friday citing both Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal, who reckon a 7 to 8 inch version of the iPad will arrive this autumn, alongside the iPhone 5.

Now Cult of Mac reports that a Japanese blog, Macotakara, has weighed in with more speculation that the iPad Mini won’t just be more compact, but also considerably thinner than Apple’s existing tablet.

The iPad Mini will allegedly be over 2mm thinner than the third-generation iPad, with a thickness of just 7.2mm.

The slate is likely to have a non-retina display, to keep costs down, although Macotakara reckons it will have 3G on board. The site has gone on record as stating that the device will be out before the end of the year.

These details have been divulged by an anonymous source, and coming just after big announcements from the WSJ and the like, could be something of an effort to cash in on traffic following that major rumour splurge.

All this, of course, remains complete speculation – and Apple isn’t a company known for its budget products. Still, that doesn’t mean the Cupertino firm can’t change its policy, and attempt to defend the budget end of the tablet market from the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7.

Although an iPad Mini could also cut into sales of the full-fat iPad.


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  1. Brian Turner says:

    I wonder if we’re not seeing a cross-over confusion - that what some people think is an iPad mini is actually the larger iPhone 5?

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