London cabs to offer free wi-fi

Greentomatocars to give punters free net access

July 9, 2012

As the Olympics approaches, the underground isn’t the only method of transport on which you’ll be able to enjoy a slice of free wi-fi action in London.

As one enterprising taxi firm, the second largest in the capital in fact, has decided to offer wireless internet access for no charge.

Greentomatocars (a bit of a mouthful) is a green taxi firm, which uses the Toyota Prius among other green friendly vehicles, and the outfit funds projects to make up for its carbon emissions.

The company has some 300 cars around and about London, each of which will have free wi-fi on board, apparently accessed by the password “ilovefreewifi” according to the Inquirer.

You can expect to get download speeds of around 7Mbps and uploads of 2Mbps, not too shabby.

Greentomatocars founder Jonny Goldstone commented: “London has long been recognised as a hub for technological innovation. In 2008 it was named the Wi-Fi capital of the world and in 2012 I think it would be fair to say it’s now the free Wi-Fi capital.”

“You don’t have to work in the technology industry to see the importance of connectivity. With free in-car Wi-Fi we are able to offer our customers the access they need to stay connected.”

Free wi-fi might well persuade more folks to go green when it comes to taxis this summer. Or it might persuade rival cab firms that they need to get on board with the scheme and compete, turning London into even more of a free wi-fi heaven.


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