Social media is bad for you

Don't spend too much time on Facebook, mmm-kay?

July 11, 2012

Spend a lot of time on Facebook or Twitter? That could be detrimental to your life and general state of mental well being, according to a recent survey.

Apparently social media promotes both a lack of confidence and anxious feelings, or at least it can do in a considerable number of cases.

The survey, carried out by the University of Salford on behalf of Anxiety UK, found that 51 per cent of respondents felt that social media had a negative impact on their lives, reports the Telegraph.

Those who indicated that their lives had been impacted negatively most commonly cited feeling inadequate compared to their friends’ achievements as the main reason for the negativity, and fall in confidence levels.

55 per cent said they felt “worried or uncomfortable” when they couldn’t get online to check their Facebook or email.

Two thirds of folks said they found it difficult to sleep after being on Facebook. We beg to differ – half of our friends’ status updates make for a blinding sedative.

Joking aside, the survey did have a fairly small sample size, with only 300 folks quizzed. Still, it’s clear enough that social media, while addictive and useful in terms of keeping in touch, can also be damaging. There are many incidents of cyber-bullying which have been previously widely reported.

Anxiety UK is a charity which seeks to rehabilitate those suffering from anxiety disorders, and to promote awareness of those various conditions and phobias. The charity’s helpline receives 15000 calls and emails for support each year.


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