O2 outage continues, but 2G restored

3G should be back later today
Darren Allan

July 12, 2012

O2 has been in some serious bother since yesterday saw an outage hit hundreds of thousands of its 23 million customers in the UK.

The gremlins struck at 1:30pm yesterday, when a fault developed with one of O2′s network systems, and a pretty serious one at that. This fault meant that some mobiles were unable to register on the network, so couldn’t obtain any phone service whatsoever.

Apparently the problem hit random customers, and didn’t have any rhyme or reason as to your location, phone number, or anything else.

In a statement issued this morning, O2 said its engineers worked overnight, and managed to restore 2G services, to allow voice calls and texting, first thing this morning at 8am.

However, 3G data services remain down, although the network operator says that they are “starting to restore” now. O2 says it expects everything will be back to normal by the end of this afternoon, and 3G will be fully restored as well as 2G.

Unfortunately there are O2 customers out there who are still having issues with making calls, despite the network’s assurances that only 3G is now affected.

O2 has advised folks to switch off 3G, and restart their handset, if they’re having such problems, but some people have followed this advice and still claim to be unable to get any service. Let’s hope this is a small minority.

If you’re with O2, let us know if your 2G is still on the fritz in the comments section below.

And all this is before the Olympics circus comes to town in a couple of weeks, which is going to put some considerable strain on networks, particularly in London.


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