Orange targets youth market with U24

Free calls and texts, and bonus data, for Under 24s
Darren Allan

July 18, 2012

Orange has unveiled a new scheme which it hopes will persuade younger mobile users to join its network.

The U24 offer, which stands for Under 24, gives young folks who haven’t yet crested their mid-twenties bonus calls, texts and data on top of their phone plan.

This incentive is freely available to both new and existing customers on plans of £15 per month or more, and can also be utilised by PAYG folks providing they top up by at least £15 every month.

Those on U24 will get unlimited free calls and texts to anyone on the Orange network, or T-Mobile (Orange’s partner network in Everything, Everywhere). They’ll also get an extra 1GB of data, so that’s quite an impressive deal indeed.

Orange has also pushed out a handy sounding U24 app for iOS, Android and BlackBerry, which checks your contacts and flags up friends on Orange/T-Mobile, who you can talk to for free.

Simeon Bird, Director of Propositions at Orange, commented: “We’re pleased to be able to reward our younger customers with such a great offer. Whether they’re going away to university, or starting out in a new career, with U24 we’re hoping to make life a little easier, providing them with an extra mobile data allowance and the potential to call and text over 27 million people as often as they like – all for no extra charge.”

It certainly is a smart offer, and one which Orange hopes will catch the attention of plenty of youngsters – the idea being they’ll stick with the company in later life, no doubt.

To set U24 up on your Orange account, you’ll need to head to an Orange store with photo ID in hand (driver’s licence, passport or PASS card ID). Then approach the shop counter, and say the magic word, “Fnuffle” (or alternatively, the magic phrase, “Can I have U24 please”).


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