O2 to compensate customers for outage

A refund to the tune of three days, plus vouchers for all
Darren Allan

July 19, 2012

O2 said it was going to look at making it up to customers for last week’s loss of service, and the company has stayed true to its word.

Not that it had much choice, really – the network certainly had to do something in terms of a goodwill gesture, to help prevent those with contracts closing on their expiry dates jumping ship.

O2 announced on its blog that it has identified all those affected by the outage, and they are giving them the “equivalent of three days back for the disruption as a gesture of goodwill and to say sorry”.

Monthly contract customers will get 10 per cent off their July payment, in other words, three days of money back (well, 3.1 days technically). That reimbursement will be applied to the customer’s September bill.

If you’re a PAYG customer, then you’ll get a 10 per cent bonus to your first top-up in September, which will be applied automatically. So very casual PAYG’ers, don’t forget to top-up in September!

Along with this, the company has also decided to give out a £10 voucher to spend in O2 stores, or online, and this isn’t just for those hit by the outage, but for every customer. The voucher will be available in September, and you’ll be able to download it via Priority Moments.

So, the compensation seems fair enough – the outage only lasted for a day and a bit – but what about the root cause of the problem, which O2 still hadn’t clarified.

Well, the network also confirmed that, as many suspected, it was a software issue and not a hardware fault. To be precise, it was an “unprecedented software fault on the register that works to connect mobile devices to our network”.

O2 confirmed the problem is now fully solved, and the network stable, with changes already underway to attempt to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

If it does happen again, of course, that would be pretty disastrous, and could indeed lead to customers seriously considering switching networks with their next handset.

To paraphrase the great George Bush, “Leave me without service once, shame on you. But leave me without service… for… twice, then – you can’t get service again.”

Wise words, we think you’ll agree.


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