Google Nexus 7 16GB sells out online

Would-be Nexus owners in the UK can only order the 8GB model online

July 23, 2012
Google Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 is proving more of a hit in the UK than Google imagined it would be. Or at least, the 16GB version of the 7 inch tablet is.

Indeed, Google has actually stopped selling the 16GB model on the UK Play store, having run out of stock, and evidently underestimating the level of interest in the Nexus with beefier storage.

On the Play store, the 16GB model is now listed as “Coming Soon”, and customers can only enter their email address to be notified when stock becomes available.

If you want to order a Nexus 7 online right now, you’ll have no choice but to plump for the 8GB version, of which stock is still available. As we write this article, the 8GB tablet has an expected delivery lead time of three to five days.

You can still purchase the more expensive 16GB model – which costs £199 – in retail stores, of course (providing they haven’t run out of stock). The 8GB model, which is cheaper at £159, is only available online – and presumably Google were thinking a lot more folks would go for the cheapest Nexus.

That’s not the case, and perhaps not surprisingly, folks definitely want the extra storage space for their media.

Google’s official response was a statement, as IT Pro reports, which said: “We’ve had exceptional demand for the Nexus 7, especially the 16GB [model] in the UK. As such, we’re currently replenishing, and expect the Play Store to have them back for order as soon as possible.”

How soon that is, well, that’s far from clear, given that the firm is also apparently out of stock of the 16GB slate in the US. And the next batch of shipments is likely to be winging more towards the States than old Blighty.


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