iPhone 5 19-pin dock connector rumour resurfaces

It seems the switch to a more compact connector may happen
Adam Smith

July 23, 2012
iPhone 4S

The iPhone 5 is perhaps more likely to have a 19-pin dock connector, as was the speculation last month, given that Reuters has now chimed in on the issue.

Reuters is a more respected news source than most, although this is still a rumour, of course. The usual “sources familiar with the matter” – there are two of them in this case – have said that the standard 30-pin connector has been banished from the next-gen smartphone, in favour of a 19-pin model.

This will be done, the sources told Reuters, in order to make room for a headphone jack on the bottom of the handset.

Of course, as we noted when we reported on this rumour last month, this means iPhone accessory manufacturers are going to have to redesign products, and punters may find their various accessory bits and bobs aren’t compatible with the new iPhone 5.

That could make for some angry consumers, of course, which is why it’s likely Apple will produce some sort of adapter to ensure no one is left high and dry on the accessory front.

The iPhone 5 is expected to come out in October, with a 4 inch display that could possibly employ in-cell technology for a thinner touchscreen, and a more svelte phone overall.

The device will need to be impressive in the face of stiff competition from high-end Android rival the Galaxy S III. Today, it became clear that the S III has exceeded 10 million units shifted inside of two months, reaching that milestone twice as quickly as the S2.

So Apple can’t afford a disappointing launch – not that any company can, but this is particularly true for Cupertino this time round. Some saw the iPhone 4S as not much of a step forward, so they’ll be expecting something more akin to a leap from the iPhone 5.

Otherwise even more punters may be heading for another Galaxy; a Samsung oriented one.

Samsung Galaxy S3

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