Facebook phone doesn’t interest consumers?

Half of folks not bothered about the prospect of a dedicated handset

July 30, 2012

We all know there are loads of people on Facebook. In fact, the user base is now up over 900 million, and it surely won’t be long before the magic billion mark is announced.

But of those millions, folks aren’t too fussed about the prospect of a Facebook phone being released (a possibility which has been reared its head via the rumour mill quite frequently). This is according to a survey highlighted by the Telegraph.

50 per cent of those polled across the globe said, rather emphatically, that they would “never” consider a switch to a Facebook phone.

The survey found that if people could be persuaded to switch to a specific device flogged by the social network, the primary driver for that switch would be improved functionality – followed by price.

So if Facebook could produce a cheap enough, impressively functional phone, then maybe some of those nay-saying heads would be turned.

Facebook, for its part, is still strongly denying that it intends to get involved in the hardware side of the mobile industry. Despite previous rumours of a collaboration with HTC on a device, which again surfaced last week.

Facebook has hired ex-Apple staff, which is adding fuel to the rumour fire. It’s certainly keen to bolster the mobile side of its social network, which is currently struggling to monetise itself despite mobile ads.

Getting into the hardware side would be one very direct way to go, and we certainly wouldn’t rule out a Facebook phone coming in the next year to two, despite Zuckerberg’s insistence that this isn’t in the gameplan.


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