iPhone 5 unveiled on September 12th?

And could the iPad Mini be out this autumn, too?
Darren Allan

July 31, 2012
iPhone 4S

Yet more rumours have surfaced regarding when the iPhone 5 is going to be released.

Just when previous speculation seemed to have indicated that October, not September, was going to be the month when the next-generation smartphone hit the shelves, the latest gossip reverses that theory.

According to All Things D, Apple is planning an event for the week of September 10th through 16th, with Wednesday (the 12th) being the most likely day it’ll be held.

While the tech site’s sources didn’t confirm this would be the iPhone unveiling, it seems quite likely that this will be the case. Apple is currently ordering a hell of a lot of components, so clearly, there are big launches – possibly the iPad Mini, too – coming in the autumn.

The next-gen iPhone will likely be taller, with a 4 inch display, and a thinner touchscreen which should mean a more svelte device overall. It’s also expected to switch to a 19-pin dock connector to make more room inside the iPhone for other bits and pieces.

As for the iPad Mini, well, that’s a less certain matter. Rumours have been flying around for a long time regarding Apple’s supposed 7.85 inch tablet, targeted at the budget end of the slate market, going up against the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7.

Two major product launches in one autumn seems perhaps a little unlikely, but Apple may just want to make a big pre-Christmas splash this year. We’re not convinced about the iPad Mini, though.

It may exist, but next spring would seem to be the more natural time to bring the slate out, given Apple’s traditional product cycle. We shall see…


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  1. Raja Aamir says:

    sir we r anxiously waiting for the release of iphone 5 plz give an exact date thanks

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