iPhone 5 to have 8-pin MagSafe dock connector?

More rumours regarding the dock connector, with MagSafe style tech on board

August 2, 2012

So we’ve been hearing a lot about the upcoming iPhone’s dock connector lately, and another piece of gossip is now being bandied about the web.

Previously, all the speculation has pointed to the dock connector changing, but from the current 30-pin version to a 19-pin affair.

However, the latest sources to claim inside information reckon that this isn’t correct, and that the iPhone will actually utilise an 8-pin dock connector.

Two of iLounge’s “previously reliable” sources have told the tech site that Apple’s next smartphone will use a much smaller 8-pin version, to make further room inside the device for more bits and pieces.

One source also added that Apple is using MagSafe-style technology with this 8-pin concoction, which will allow for the ability to connect cables in any orientation. There have been previous whispers about this, too, so it’s not completely out of the blue.

Some of the leaked images of the purported iPhone 5 which have emerged do show a much smaller dock connector, so the 8-pin theory makes sense – if all those pics aren’t Photoshopped nonsense, that is.

The iPhone 5 is expected to be released this September, most likely in the middle of the month.

The last release date rumour we heard was that it will be unveiled on September 12th, a Wednesday, and then likely go on sale the following weekend.

Rumours also indicate that Apple is upping the screen size to 4 inches, and making the phone a little thinner, both moves to ensure the new iPhone can compete with Samsung’s Galaxy S III – and it’s massive screen, and slim contours.


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