HTC to take on Galaxy Note

5 inch "phablet" type device is on the way shortly
Darren Allan

August 8, 2012

HTC isn’t sitting back and taking Samsung’s success lying down – well, sitting down – erm… perhaps we’ll settle on reclining.

No, sir. Obviously HTC has the One smartphone range to go up against the juggernaut Galaxy S III, but apparently the company is also planning to bring out a 5 inch smartphone/tablet (phablet, as some call it) to rival the large-screened Galaxy Note.

According to Digitimes, HTC will push out a flagship smartphone with a 5 inch display and a resolution of 1794 x 1080.

Industry insiders reckon this will be out as soon as next month, or perhaps October. HTC may look to avoid September if that is indeed the iPhone launch month, as obviously that’ll rather eclipse anything else phone-related.

Apparently the Note is selling very well over in China and Korea, so HTC has taken note (sorry) and followed suit. And indeed Samsung is planning a Note sequel, with a slightly bigger 5.5 inch display (the original’s was 5.3 inch).

5.5 inches really is starting to push up towards the size of the smallest 7 inch tablets, though, such as Google’s Nexus 7. The boundaries between phone and tablet are just becoming more blurred…

HTC has been rather struggling of late, unable to build on the success it initially had with its earlier Android offerings such as the Desire.

A Galaxy Note-alike could push some sales, but given that the Note II is coming out – with its slightly bigger screen – we’re not sure HTC isn’t just going to continue to suffer in the short term.


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