iOS 6 won’t have YouTube app

Following Google Maps getting the elbow...
Adam Smith

August 8, 2012
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The next iPhone is on the horizon – it should be revealed next month, and perhaps on sale in September too – and with the new handset comes a new version of iOS.

And it would seem that iOS 6 has had to drop the YouTube app, with many tech observers spotting the fact that the latest beta, released on Monday, lacked the app.

That came as quite a surprise, given that Apple has carried the YouTube app on its iPhones since their launch.

So why hasn’t Apple bundled YouTube up with the latest version of iOS? Apparently, it’s simply because Apple’s license for the program has expired.

Although the question the becomes: Why hasn’t Apple renegotiated its contract with Google to keep the video service on board.

Is this a move by Cupertino to distance itself from Google? And perhaps put its own video platform, or another one, on the iconic smartphone?

Remember that Google Maps also recently got the push from Apple.

We shall have to see how things unfold. Of course, iPhone 5 users (or whatever the phone is called) will still be able to use YouTube via the web browser, but that’s not quite as convenient as a dedicated app.

And there are plenty of folks out there who see YouTube as a second home on the web, perhaps after Facebook. Apple does run the risk of starting to annoy some customers, possibly – who then might start to eye Android alternatives such as the Galaxy S III.


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