iPhone 5 will be super-slim

Thinner than the iPhone 4S, and indeed the Galaxy S III...
Darren Allan

August 10, 2012
iPhone 4S

Here we are again, feasting at the Apple rumour trough, and the latest morsel to emerge is regarding the size of the next iPhone.

We’ve already heard the iPhone 5 will be very slim, with speculation pointing to in-cell technology being employed to make the touchscreen thinner – which will ensure the overall device is thinner, too.

Considerably thinner than the iPhone 4S, according to a report from the Apple Daily, a Taiwanese publication (via Know Your Mobile).

The purported size of the next-gen iPhone will be 58.47mm x 123.83mm x 7.6mm, so in other words, it’s 7.6mm thick. Or thin, rather. That’s almost 2mm thinner than the 4S, and 1mm thinner than its biggest rival handset, the Galaxy S III.

And the S III is very thin, believe us.

So the design and compact nature of the iPhone 5 could be more than impressive – given that it’s also supposed to increase the screen size to 4 inches (again, keeping up the with Joneses, aka large-screened Android phones).

We note that the current iPhone 4S is 115mm tall, compared to almost 124mm for the iPhone 5 as stated above – so the new model will be almost 9mm longer, or a third of an inch taller.

Which is a tad less pocket-friendly, but not really meaningfully so; and if the display is upped to 4 inches, it’s unavoidable, of course…

Other rumours have pointed to Apple finally bringing NFC on board its smartphone range with the next model, and also LTE (though we won’t have 4G LTE over in the UK until at least a year after the iPhone 5 launches – save, perhaps, for a smattering from Everything Everywhere, if they twist Ofcom’s arm hard enough).

Apple’s recent iPhone sales have been down, as folks wait for the next model to come out. The iPhone 5 should be unveiled in just over a month’s time, and Cupertino will be hoping for the usual bucket-loads of units shifted.


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