iPhone pre-orders September 12th

The new iPhone will be on sale come September 21st, too
Darren Allan

August 14, 2012
iPhone 4S

Some more gossip on the iPhone grapevine, which is starting to build to its usual frenzy of rumour venting as we approach the probable launch month.

Previously, we heard that Apple is due to unveil its iPhone number five (which may be called the iPhone 5, or perhaps just the iPhone, as with the iPad) on September 12th. Now the buzz is that not only will the unveiling happen on that day, but that pre-orders will kick off – in the States, anyway, and likely in the UK too.

The source of this rumour, iMore, also claims that the actual release is planned for September 21st in the US. It may be slightly later in the UK, possibly the week after – or it could be the same date.

iMore’s sources for this info have apparently provided previously reliable details, or so the website says.

Of course, the September date is seeming more and more likely now, so there’s a good possibility we will be seeing the new iPhone four weeks tomorrow.

It’s allegedly going to be thinner – with the touchscreen using new in-cell technology to slim it down – and indeed apparently more svelte than its already near-anorexic rival the Galaxy S III.

A larger 4 inch touchscreen is also on the cards, as is NFC technology. A new more compact dock connector is expected, too, in order to make more room inside the phone to fit further goodies in.

All of this is pure speculation, of course, but the larger screen seems almost a certainty for us, anyway. Given that Android phones now have near 5 inch screens, the iPhone’s 3.5 inch display is looking a bit too small in comparison.


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