Microsoft redesigns SkyDrive

And an Android app is also due shortly
Darren Allan

August 15, 2012
Microsoft Logo

Microsoft has overhauled its SkyDrive cloud storage system, and it has also been busy boasting about user numbers. is the recently launched successor to Hotmail (not that the latter has been abandoned – yet), and now apparently has 10 million users already.

But the bigger news is the refresh of the website, and the imminent launch of a SkyDrive Android app.

So what exactly does the SkyDrive site redesign provide? In Microsoft’s words, it takes the “DNA from the SkyDrive Windows 8 app” and brings it to the web page.

That means – yep, you guessed it – tiles in a Metro-style, sorry, we’re not allowed to say that any more… what’s the interface called now? A Windows-8-ish-user-kinda-interface-thing? Something like that…

Anyway, the SkyDrive home page now has a tile-based layout of folders and files, with a “details” view of your stored stuff that can be reached with a click.

The MS team has also implemented a contextual toolbar to make executing common actions as easy as possible. Multi-select drag and drop is now possible, too, and a host of new sorting options have been introduced. So you can now sort from newest to oldest, for example, and also save that sort order for the folder in question.

Finally, a new instant search feature has been implemented, to provide a swift searching process as the name suggests.

The SkyDrive app for Windows and OS X has been tweaked as well, with Microsoft claiming it has made performance improvements for speedier photo uploads (although of course the overall speed will be very much dependent on your internet connection).

In testing, MS claims that photos should now upload around 1.7 times faster than before.

And last but not least of all, the SkyDrive app has been announced as coming to Android, although not just yet – it’ll be a few more weeks until the app arrives. SkyDrive is already available in app form for the iPhone and obviously Windows Phone users.


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