Sky overhauls iPad app

You can now use it as a remote control with your Sky+ HD box

August 15, 2012

Sky has taken the time to brush up its iOS app, adding one major boon for iPad owners – the ability to use their tablet as a fancy remote control for their Sky+ HD box.

Using the new app, you can hook your iPad up to your HD box and then swipe up or down to change the channel, and generally tap your screen to access other functions, in a suitably swish manner.

You can also view the Sky schedule on your iPad, tag programmes for recording, and all the usual malarkey.

Sky has also given the appearance of the app a brush up, and the interface in general, so it’s a facelift all round. Sounds like good stuff to us.

According to the Inquirer, Sky issued a statement to say: “Later this summer we’ll also be integrating Zeebox second screen functionality in to the app.”

“This will allow Sky customers to follow online reaction to their favourite shows directly through the app via integrated Twitter feeds, plus enjoy bonus content specifically created around their favourite Sky shows.”

Sky certainly needs to stay competitive and at the forefront of digital TV developments if it’s to fend off challenges from the likes of Lovefilm and Netflix.

Sky has already responded to these rivals with its own streaming service, Now TV, which recently arrived on the iOS platform. Whether or not that can effectively compete with cheaper rivals remains to be seen.


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