iPad Mini production ramps up

Production of Apple's compact slate moves up a gear
Darren Allan

August 22, 2012

Of course, the iPad Mini hasn’t yet been officially confirmed, but major rumours continue to swirl about the device’s existence and probable launch before the end of the year.

The Mini, as you’re probably aware, is the rumoured 7.85 inch tablet from Apple, which aims to carve up the budget slate market as effectively as the iPad has secured the larger tablet arena.

It’s pitched against Google’s Nexus 7 and the likes of the Kindle Fire (although the latter still isn’t out over here yet).

The latest iPad Mini rumour is that assembly lines are now seriously cranking up, at least according to good old Digitimes, the ever present supplier of speculation from the tech industry of the far east.

Digitimes claims that beginning from next month, the supply of the iPad Mini will be cranked up to 4 million units per month. And apparently this upping of the pace of production is being done with bumper Christmas sales in mind.

The rumoured launch date of the more compact iPad is October, the month after the next-generation iPhone launch, with the latter expected to be unveiled on September 12th.

The iPad Mini will supposedly have a thin bezel, and coupled with the near-8-inch screen, should look a fair bit bigger than the Nexus 7 with its straight 7 inch display.

Many commentators seem to be of the opinion that Apple will sow up both ends of the tablet market once the Mini appears, and that’s a prospect we certainly wouldn’t argue with.


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