Google URL removal requests double in a month

DMCA complaints filed against Google jumped in August, mostly due to one company complaining about 3D porn copyright violations.
Brian Turner

August 30, 2012
Google Logo

The number of DMCA requests filed at Google for copyright infringement has more than doubled over the past month.

This is according to the latest figures from Google - now included in the company’s transparency report - showing which governments and organisations are pressuring the billion-dollar advertising corporation to remove content it displays.

In the past year the number of DMCA’s has increased from 131,577 a week to almost 1.6 million at the end of August.

Unsurprisingly, the RIAA and MPAA are both well represented in trying to “protect” content for music and film studios. Nothing unusual there.

However, what almost every news report on Google’s data fails to report is that the huge surge is being driven by: 3D porn.

The majority of requests - 1.2 million - have been filed by Degban Ltd.

Degban Ltd claims to be a “multimedia protection company”, but in reality has been filing claims almost exclusively for Froytal Services Ltd - who distribute 3D porn.

This dwarfs the number of DMCA’s filed by national governments.

For example, the UK government filed 24% extra complaints over the same period last year - but still submitted less than 2,000 take down requests - of which 64% were complied with.

According to the same data, Google did not comply with any DMCA’s filed by the governments of Russia, Turkey or Hungary.

Presumably those countries are less focused on distributing 3D porn.


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