Microsoft confirms Windows 8 upgrade price

It will cost you £25 to upgrade in the UK
Adam Smith

August 30, 2012
Windows 8 Preview

Microsoft has confirmed the cost of upgrading to Windows 8 in the UK.

After it was announced in the US that an upgrade from any version of Windows, from XP onwards, to Windows 8 would cost $40, pundits had made the gloomy assumption that this would translate into £40 of our money.

Mainly because Microsoft had kept quiet about the UK price, and it’s often the case that firms price in pounds ignoring the dollar exchange rate, citing shipping issues and localisation costs for a higher UK price tag.

Fortunately, Microsoft isn’t going to try and pull the wool over our eyes, and has actually priced the Windows 8 upgrade at £25 for UK citizens, according to a Daily Mail report.

Those who’ve purchased a Windows 7 system after June of this year, and before the launch of Windows 8 on October 26, will be able to snag Windows 8 for just £15.

What isn’t clear yet is whether those with an OEM copy of Windows XP, Vista or whatever will be able to use that license to upgrade to Windows 8. We assume so, but…

At any rate, Microsoft is clearly keen on pushing Windows 8 to the widest audience possible, even to the point where it’s going to price the OS more reasonably than in the past.

This just underlines exactly how important Windows 8 is in the overall Microsoft roadmap, as it looks to tie desktops, tablets and even smartphones – Windows Phone 8, which launches next month, is built on the same core tech, and of course was the origin of the live tiles interface – all together.

Amazon is currently selling the physical (boxed disc) upgrade edition of Windows 8 Pro for £49.99, however. The £25 price is for a downloadable version, which obviously saves Microsoft on packaging.

Amazon’s price for the boxed copy may well come down as we near the end of October, and the launch of the operating system. We shall see.

Meanwhile, we’re also keenly looking forward to the launch of the surface, Microsoft’s own Windows 8 tablet, through which it is risking the wrath of OEMs by venturing into the world of hardware.

The Surface genuinely interests us with its built-in keyboard, but a lot will depend on the sort of price Microsoft pitches it at. That, in turn, will be weighed against the rumoured iPad Mini’s price, the device Apple is also expected to launch in October, following the iPhone 5 in September.

For the full low-down on the speculation surrounding the would-be budget Apple slate, see our iPad Mini rumour round-up.

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