Guild Wars 2 storms UK chart

Sleeping Dogs has been knocked down to number 2
Darren Allan

September 3, 2012
Guild Wars 2

There’s a new number one in the UK all-format games chart this week, with Sleeping Dogs getting knocked off the top spot after two weeks in a row of lording it.

Sleeping Dogs dropped in terms of sales by almost 40 per cent and slipped to number two, as massively multiplayer online RPG (MMORPG) Guild Wars 2 stormed to number one.

In fact, Guild Wars 2 did superbly considering it’s a PC-only title – and it recorded the third biggest debut figures ever for an MMORPG launch, behind only World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

That’s very impressive indeed, but not surprising given that Guild Wars has always been much liked, and the sequel very much anticipated by many online gamers.

Critics have given the MMO the thumbs up, as the initial reviews on Metacritic show a lofty 94 per cent average mark. Granted, it’s too early to really tell how good the game is yet – which is why there are only five reviews up on Metacritic.

Many publications are wisely taking the approach of reviewing “in progress”, and updating their thoughts as they level up. Either that, or they’re just saving publishing the review for some time – as you can’t really fully evaluate an MMORPG until you’ve maxed your level out, and spent at least some time with the end-game.

Another interesting factoid: Guild Wars 2 is the first PC-only release to hit the top spot in the all-format chart since Football Manager 2011 was brought out almost two years ago.

Right, back to the rest of the chart – and there are non-movers at numbers three and four, with New Super Mario Bros 2 and London 2012 maintaining their respective positions this week.

Indeed, sales of the official Olympic game from Sega actually crept up 4 per cent this week, which might have been due to the start of the Paralympic Games.

Lego Batman 2 was a climber this week, shifting up a place to number five, and it was followed by the biggest faller within the top ten, Darksiders II, which slipped four places from number two to six.

There was another new entry at number seven, although EA will probably be a bit disappointed at Madden NFL 13 only just making it into the top ten. American football evidently isn’t as popular as it once was in the UK, at least not with gamers, anyway.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron slipped three places to number eight, with positive reviews failing to spark any momentum for the unfortunate game.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier was at number nine, and might finally slip out of the top ten next week. It was followed by Modern Warfare 3, which is still selling almost a year after its launch.

As for new entries outside the top ten, there was one: Tales of Graces F, a PS3 JRPG from Namco Bandai, secured the number fourteen spot.

It will be interesting to see whether Guild Wars 2 can hold on to the top spot next week. There are no immediate challengers on the horizon, but its sales may well slip considerably after the fans have got their copies during the launch week.


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