New Nokia Lumia photo leaked

A snap of the Lumia 920 and 820 is spilled
Darren Allan

September 3, 2012

We’re now in September, and that means a week on Wednesday – should all the rumours prove correct – the iPhone 5 (or the “new iPhone” as it might be called, iPad-style) will be unveiled.

But Microsoft is wheeling the big guns out, too, in an effort to steal some of Apple’s Thunder with the launch of Windows Phone 8 devices this month.

Indeed, the Samsung Ativ S has already been revealed, much to everyone’s surprise as it was expected that Microsoft’s billion dollar Windows Phone partner, Nokia, would be lifting the curtain on the first Windows Phone 8 devices.

Still, the Nokia reveal is about to happen – it should be this week – and ahead of the event, images of the Finnish firm’s WP8 smartphones have been leaked.

The Telegraph has a picture of some brightly coloured looking handsets, decked out in purple, blue, red and a very bright yellow, as well as slate grey, and the obligatory black and white. The image looks quite convincing, so probably not a fake…

There will be two models, the Lumia 920 and 820, with the former having a 4.5 inch display, and the latter a slightly smaller 4.3 inch affair.

These handsets should be shown off on Wednesday, a week before the next iPhone.

Microsoft has a huge amount riding on Windows Phone 8, as thus far, the operating system has disappointed, and failed to break into the market in a meaningful way. If WP8 can’t carve out some serious share, then the future’s looking pretty bleak for Redmond.

Which is doubly bad given that Microsoft is now building Windows 8 around tablet/phone cross-platform integration, a risk which has some critics and desktop users up in arms before Windows 8 has even hit the shelves.


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