HTC Windows Phone 8 launch Sept 19th

The company should have three devices to show off...

September 5, 2012

Later today, Nokia will unveil its new Lumia 920 and 820 Windows Phone 8 handsets, images of which have recently been leaked, as we reported earlier this week.

Samsung has already outed its Activ Windows Phone 8 device at IFA – a bit of a surprise, given that you’d think Nokia would have been first to show off Microsoft’s latest mobile OS – and now details of HTC’s upcoming launch have emerged.

Naturally, HTC also has Windows Phone 8 devices on the go, and it will be unveiling them on September 19th; two weeks today, in fact. Press invites are being distributed right now.

Rumours point to three possible new WP8 devices from HTC, although that seems like a lot to us. It’s possible, though, that the company is diversifying more with its Android models not doing quite so well – and also the legal spat of Apple vs. Samsung perhaps making folks more nervous.

There will be a high-end WP8 phone from HTC, a middle order one, and a budget model, which makes sense to cover all bases.

Some whispers are about that the top-end model will come with a 5 inch full 1080p display, backed with a quad-core processor. That would certainly be a crisp screen (and a half)… in fact, it’s getting to levels of resolution/detail that seem perhaps wasted on a small smartphone display.

But that’s just a rumour, anyway – other buzz which is around pitches the device with a 720p screen, which is far more likely.

HTC would seem to be the wrong side of the iPhone 5 launch, though, which is due to happen a week today. You’d have thought they’d have rushed to get their models shown off beforehand, as Nokia is doing today.


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