Apple iPhone 5: It’s almost here

The launch date has been officially confirmed as a week today
Darren Allan

September 6, 2012

We’ve known for quite some time that Apple planned to reveal its latest iPhone on September 12th.

But now the date has been confirmed by the Cupertino smartphone pushers.

Official press invites have been sent out, and are now widely flying around the internet as we speak (or indeed, as we type).

The invite simply says: “It’s almost here.”

Underneath that is the number 12, which refers to the date of the 12th of September as has long been anticipated – and then there’s the “shadow” of a large 5 thrown out from the 12.

This is clearly a reference to the iPhone 5, and it confirms one juicy fact – that the name of the next-gen handset will indeed be the iPhone 5.

There had been a fair bit of speculation that Apple might drop the “5” and go the iPad route, just calling the device the new iPhone.

While the wraps will be taken off the smartphone a week today, it won’t likely be on sale for another week and a half in the US – and we may well have a longer wait in store over here.

That depends on stock levels, with one of the many rumours which have been flying around speculating that there may be shortages due to production volume issues with the new display, and that could mean iPhone 5 models may initially be thin on the ground.

Or alternatively, if you’re more conspiracy theory minded, Apple is putting these sort of stock shortage rumours about to ensure that everyone is queuing round the block to ensure they get their shiny new iPhone 5 on day one.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time there’s been a shortage of an iGadget upon launch, anyway…

We expect the usual week-long campers in their chairs and sleeping bags.


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  1. David Rowlands says:

    The invitation does not confirm the iPhones name as the iPhone 5 at all. I believe it has simply been used as everyone has been calling it the iPhone 5. I think it will be either the iPhone 6 or iPhone 4G. I hope it is not called the new iPhone because in a year it won’t be!

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