iPhone 3GS to get the boot

The iPhone 5 barges the 3GS into the scrapheap
Darren Allan

September 7, 2012

You’re unlikely to have missed the fact that Apple’s new iPhone is set to be launched next Wednesday.

And with the iPhone 5 being ushered in, so another iPhone gets ushered out, with the venerable 3GS model set to be taken around the back of the barn, and attacked with a rusty screwdriver, or similar.

Apparently this is the case, anyway, according to whispers heard from retailers via the Daily Telegraph. It’s thought that the iPhone 3GS won’t be able to handle the demands of the new iOS 6, which has obviously been built with the iPhone 5’s fresh-faced and nippy processor in mind.

If this does indeed happen, the iPhone models will shuffle down so that the iPhone 4 will become the new baseline phone, doubtless with a price reduction.

Which is exactly why even if you don’t want to purchase the new iPhone, but are thinking of getting a lesser model, you should always wait until after launch – as prices will all come down.

The iPhone 4 is likely to be pretty competitive then, and is hardly a massively outdated piece of technology. In fact, there’s really not all that much difference between the iPhone 4 and its successor, the 4S.

The Telegraph is speculating that the iPhone 4 8GB will be given away for free on £20 per month contracts, which is quite a tasty prospect if you fancy a cheap Apple (outside of scrumping).

The iPhone 3GS was pushed out in 2009, so has had a shelf life of three years. That means come 2015, your shiny new iPhone 5 will be end of line, Apple fans. And also, the UK will have the fastest broadband in Europe (ahem).


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