iPhone 5 pre-orders: 2m in 24 hours

The Cupertino hype machine is cranking up to full speed ahead of Friday’s launch

September 18, 2012
iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 launches this coming Friday in the US and UK, but pre-orders actually went live this Friday just gone.

And of course, Apple has some big numbers to flaunt already, as Cupertino attempts to whip up consumers into a line-forming, foaming-at-the-mouth, smartphone-grabbing frenzy.

According to reports, the initial pre-order stock Apple had on hand apparently sold out in just an hour, and around two million iPhone 5s were pre-ordered in the first 24 hours.

That smashes the previous record of the iPhone 4S – though there has been speculation as to whether this total selling out scenario is engineered by Apple to help stoke demand.

As it is, if you go on the UK Apple site now to pre-order an iPhone 5, the dispatch time is listed as two to three weeks.

In other words, while the phone goes on sale this Friday the 21st, you won’t get your phone until October 5th, and possibly not until mid-October.

Obviously cynics note that this creates a rush to order, which could be why Apple might (theoretically) artificially restrict the number of launch units coming from its suppliers in China.

And all this, with the iPhone 5 being even pricier than before – the basic 16GB model is £529 sim-free (there’s no 8GB option), and the 32GB version is £599, with the top-end 64GB iPhone 5 costing £699.

Meanwhile, at the weekend in New York folks already started camping out to ensure they get their iPhone 5 first. Yes, it’s the usual Cupertino circus, folks… and launch day on Friday promises to be no different to any other iPhone launch day.

A storming success – although how much of that is down to the Apple hype machine, as opposed to the product itself?


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