Apple iPhone 5 goes on sale

It's finally arrived, with iOS 6 on board and some complaints about Maps

September 21, 2012
iPhone 5

Well, the day the iPhone 5 hits the shelves has finally arrived, and folks have been picking up the new Apple smartphone since 8am this morning.

So were there the usual queues of people outside the Apple stores, across the globe? Yes. Of course there were…

According to the Telegraph, who had a correspondent down at the Covent Garden Apple store just before 8am this morning, there was a 700-strong throng of die-hard iPhone addicts waiting.

Even more, some 1,300 folks, were at the Regent Street shop, far more than the 800 who turned up there for the iPhone 4S last year.

There are reports of similar queues around the world, from Australia (600 people queued in Sydney), over to the States (of course).

None of this is a surprise…

Reviews have been glowing, pretty much. Check out our round-up of the general sentiment here, with most of the flak that has been fired aimed squarely at the software.

iOS 6 has disappointed in some respects, not bringing a whole lot more to the table save for full Facebook integration and some new call handling options among other tweaks.

One of the biggest additions, the Maps app – which Apple has brought in to replace Google Maps – has come under a lot of fire in the UK for data inaccuracies. Also it’s much vaunted 3D Flyover view only applies to US cities thus far.

Apple has promised to work on the Maps app and improve it, though, in an unusually swift response from the company.

The iPhone 5, should you be feeling the itch, starts at £529 sim-free for the 16GB model.


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