Nokia Lumia 920 price shock

European price soars above the level of the Galaxy S III
Darren Allan

September 27, 2012
Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia has priced up its upcoming, next-gen flagship Windows Phone smartphone, the Lumia 920, in Europe – and the bad news is the handset commands a hefty premium over and above Android rivals.

Here’s the situation, briefly. Both Microsoft and Nokia need Windows Phone to work. Microsoft needs to leverage its way into phones and tablets, and is adopting an overarching OS strategy whereby it can sell Windows across a whole gamut of devices, from desktop computers to mobiles.

Nokia nose-dived with Symbian, and desperately needs to make a recovery – and in a billion dollar deal, pinned all its hopes on Windows Phone.

And now, we’re almost two years on from the launch of Windows Phone 7 – which has failed to make any real impact – and we’re standing by for the imminent launch of Windows Phone 8.

Windows Phone 8, and the handsets which carry it such as the Lumia 920, all look pretty impressive, it has to be said. But if Nokia is going to price the Lumia range too high, the firm will – once again – struggle to make any impact.

According to Reuters, the European pricing sees the phone pitched something like 25 per cent more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy S III, the hugely popular Android front-runner with a pretty similar spec to the Lumia 920.

Indeed, in Sweden it’s 26 per cent more than the S III. The UK price hasn’t yet been mentioned, but presumably we can expect a similar story.

As analysts point out, you’d expect the WP8 device to command a lesser price tag, given that buyers are rather taking a risk that Microsoft will be successful in the mobile arena.

All this seems very short-sighted…


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  1. GK says:

    Nokia did not nosedive with Symbian, which is to this day hugely popular. Nokia has nosedived with Elop Trying to thrust Windows down unwilling customers’ throats.

    Nokia will only revive if Symbian is revived.

  2. Rahul Shayar says:

    As per the specs its definitely most innovative product. Nokia sure has the build quality and with microsoft being the most popular OS in india surely its going to win.But the main concern remains with India is the price. If lumia range of phones(610,710,800) would have had the micoSD support and bluetooth they would have succeeded in the market (I went for lumia but came with Nokia 701 due to lack of these features). But nokia had addresed these in lumia 920. Lets see the responce from Nokia fans.

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