Poll: Windows 7 preferred to Windows 8

Can Microsoft's OS really be the breakthrough product the company is hoping for?
Darren Allan

September 28, 2012
Windows 8 Preview

A new survey of Windows addicts has found that of those who have been using Microsoft’s up and coming Windows 8, the majority prefer Windows 7, the current-gen OS.

Windows 8 might not be out yet – it’s due in late October – but the Preview release version is pretty much complete (as hands-on experience with the RTM version shows not much has changed).

There has been plenty of moaning about Windows 8, though, and this survey adds to the chorus of general wailing and gnashing.

The poll of 50,000 Windows 8 users, which was conducted by Forumswindows8.com (and highlighted by Techweek Europe), showed that over half of the respondents, some 53 per cent, preferred Windows 7.

Having said that, 25 per cent did cite Windows 8 as their favourite version of Windows, with the most popular feature of the new OS being its faster booting and shutdown times. 50 per cent also liked the easy installation process of Microsoft’s upcoming offering.

Just 22 per cent said the new Metro, or rather “Windows 8-style” user interface was their favourite element of the new OS. That isn’t surprising, given that it’s the major thorn in the side for many people.

If you’ve missed the fuss about Windows 8, somehow, one of the main sticking points is the UI’s focus on touch capabilities to make it more tablet-friendly. Mouse and keyboard users can switch to a Windows 7-style desktop, however.

Another concern was the price – not initially, as offers through to January 2013 mean you can upgrade to Windows 8 pretty cheaply (for £25). After that, though, the price will go up to around $200 in the US, and presumably an equally hefty tag over here.

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