Instagram overtakes Twitter on mobile

In terms of daily active users, not unique users
Adam Smith

October 1, 2012

It seems that photo sharing is becoming more popular than tweeting in the US, as mobile users have been more frequently visiting Instagram than Twitter for the first time ever.

This is according to stat-fiend ComScore, which has just issued a report on smartphone visitor numbers for the month of August.

During August over in the States, Instagram tallied 7.3 million “active users” (not unique users, mind) per day, whereas Twitter managed 6.9 million.

And it wasn’t just the number of active users which was healthier for Instagram, but there was a bigger gap in the amount of time users spent on the site. The average Instagram user spent 257 minutes on the site via his or her mobile during the month, whereas with Twitter, that figure was considerably lower at 170 minutes.

So what does all this mean? That images are more interesting than words?

Sort of. In actual fact, as an All Things D report notes, Twitter still has more overall mobile traffic – 29 million unique visitors versus Instgram’s 22 million – but ComScore’s figures show Instagram users are coming back to the site more frequently, and spending longer on it. In other words, generally engaging more with the website – which is a good omen for its long-term health.

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