Microsoft to produce Surface phone?

Could Redmond's grand plan encompass its own smartphone?

October 5, 2012

The latest rumour to come down the Microsoft grapevine is that the firm is planning to push out its own possibly Surface-branded Windows Phone 8 handset.

As you’ve almost certainly seen, the Surface is a tablet which Microsoft is due to push out along with Windows 8 at the end of the month.

The fact that Microsoft has decided to produce its own slate has angered OEM partners – some of whom aren’t going to make Windows 8 slates themselves – and of course the Redmond-based company runs the risk of angering smartphone vendors if it pulls the same trick with its own mobile.

Of course, this is just speculation at this stage – but it’s a reasonably believable rumour, certainly. Microsoft, it would seem, is looking to be more Apple-like, in terms of the production of its own Surface tablet, and the roll out of Microsoft retail stores in the US.

That the grand Redmond vision might involve a massive chain of global shops, a tablet and a smartphone – Apple style – is certainly a possibility.

The Surface phone rumour comes via BGR, and the site’s source claims that the phone is in the later stages of development, with a possible launch relatively soon, “in the coming months.”

Early next year, perhaps, with a CES or more likely MWC reveal?

The China Times, as BGR notes, has claimed that the phone will be launched under the Surface brand.

If the device is in the later stages of fruition, then we’ll surely hear some more concrete details about it via a leak before too long. We’ll certainly keep our eyes and ears peeled.


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